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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winemakerssister - awesome stuff

Winemakerssister is one of my VERY favorite phatties - Jessie at Phatfiber is giving away one of her SteamPunk bracelets and it is amazing and I would just cry if I win it!!! The steampunk stitch markers are So cool, the pumpkin bracelet is very cute and I love all her stamps. Someday when i am rich I want her to do several custom stamps I have been dreaming about. I have purchased several sets of stitch markers and my favorites are the alpacas and I love love love the little rams. awwww so cute - they look just like Benny.

Just a little add on information - my secret santa from the PhatFiber swap GAVE me this amazing bracelet in my package - ROO you are awesome!!


ChelleC said...

Okay I have this bracelet and I absolutely LOVE it. It was a treat to myself. Gosh, I've been doing that a bit too much lately, but this one I wear a lot.

natchwoolie said...

well I must say I have it too now :o) My secret PhatFiber Santa saw this gushing post and sent it to me - Thanks a million ROO!