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“Only he can understand what a farm is, what a country is, who shall have sacrificed part of himself to his farm or country, fought to save it, struggled to make it beautiful. Only then will the love of farm or country fill his heart.“ Antoine de Sainte-Exupery (1900-1944);(1900 1944); Aviator, Writer

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sophie Update

Sweet Sophie is integrating wonderfully into the flock family. Several sheep love her and let her lick their face. Several lay next to her, some of the alpacas still give her the evil eye, but a couple of them lay down next to her too. I think they already sense that she is my stand-in shepherdess. She has instantly learned every word and command that I have taught her and she has been off leash several times and comes immediately when I call her. She learned instantly to load in the car so that I could take her to be spayed and she was very well behaved for the hour long trip each way. She will still get in the car even though the visit to be fixed was very scary indeed. Quite remarkable for a pup this young especially when I have not had her very long, every day she amazes me.

I am very proud of her progress and soon she will be able to guard the flock on her own I believe. I already trust her 75%, the other 25% is just a little bit of that puppy mentality that has to be there somewhere in her psyche (although she doesn't really show it) and I am still worried to let her be 100% on her own and in charge of her own destiny and her flock, but I have confidence she is intelligent enough and mature enough to handle herself very well in most situations already. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a beautiful and intelligent puppy who will watch over all the animals here.

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