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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sneak Peek at March Samples

Here is a little sneak peek at our March samples going into the Phat Fiber Sampler Box.

In honor of the latest twin lambs named polka and dot, we have a little polka dot tied bundle of washed and overdyed Shetland fleece for the Lucky ones in our "Irish Moss" colorway. We overdye our colored Shetland fleeces in many different colors and shades with natural plant dyes. This particular one was harvested on our farm.

This is ready to spin, just finger tease a little and start spinning, it will make an awesome heathery varigated yarn. There are many shades in this one little bundle. Core spin it. Tail spin it. If you prefer to card it-you will get a different effect. If you have a drum carder - throw it in with something else. There are no rules.

Our other teaser is a sample of our natural plant dyed Merino Wool Top. We stripped it down and bumped it so you get all the color varigations. A very interesting spin and next to skin soft 100% merino. This colorway is "Irish Moss" as well, but quite different from the Shetland Fleece.
Both will be available in the store very soon.

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