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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lambs, Kids & Colts for Sale

I will continue to update this post as babies become available.
please email asap if you would like to place a $50 deposit to purchase any of these, they won't last long.

Here is what is available right now:

Registered Angora Goats (pictured below)
Kid Sheleen - Silver Ecru Angora Buck Kid SOLD
Nat King Cole - Black Angora Buck Kid SOLD

Pygora Goats (Not Registered)
White Caramel Buck Kid SOLD

Pygmy Goats
I may have one or two buck kids still available, please email, I am waiting for a response from our waiting list

Pycash Goat
We may have one or two left, we are waiting on someone on our waiting list to respond, please email if you are interested.

Shetland Ram Lamb
White Shetland Purebred Ram Lamb $75

Cross Bred Lambs
2 Ewe Lambs Merino X Shetland Merino Type and size and wool usually grows very quickly $150 each
2 Ram Lambs - 1/2 Shetland 1/2 RambouilletXCotswold - very interesting so far with a tiny bit of color and spotted gene...$50 each

TWH Palomino Paint Colt $300
QH Strawberry Filly $300

Both are 9 months old and require $150 deposit each to hold. Buy both for $500

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