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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow I am behind already...

Here I am behind already on my late new year's resolution. Oh well, thats what lambing season does to me. Well actually kidding and lambing. Lots of kids and lambs all over the place. 4 kids in the last 24 hours. Lots of fun. Everyone is healthy and happy.

I have two Angora Goat Buck Kids available. They are $250 each and registered.
First is

Kid Shelleen - this kid really looks like Lee Marvin - a nice silver ecru

and The Sunrise Kid aka Nat King Cole

Cat Ballou will be staying here but we are taking deposits on these two now, so don't delay, they will be gone fast. They will be ready for their new homes in a couple of months.

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Serendipity said...

I have never seen an all-black goat! Are they angora goats whose fleece can be spun? They don't look as curly as angora goats I've seen. They sure are cute, though! Especially the twins!